At Cargo City Bogot√° we're deeply committed to integrity, respect and fair business. Our framework of guiding principles represents our core values and serves as our compass for everyday actions and decisions.



We view unyielding integrity as the bedrock of our organization; it is our compass as we believe no gain is ever worth diluting a hard-earned reputation.


We strive to respect all we touch and encounter, it is the fundamental element that guides all our interactions.


We're an organization of prudent and timely action, execution excellence is the driving force of realizing progress and positive results.


We create value by doing more than is anticipated, expecting more than is considered normal, and believing more than is deemed practical.


We acknowledge resources are valuable and finite, efficiency and individual accountability is central to long-term prosperity.


We embrace the challenge of life-long learning and improvement, our ability to move forward is born from intellectual curiosity.


We believe in high quality in all our output, never in the vain quest of perfection but always with the objective to deliver value through excellence.